Bad Ideas with Daddy. Created by Jeff Sutphen/Part Time Hero Productions. To watch click here

When your dad is a Game show host...

Created by Jeff Sutphen/Part Time Hero Productions. To watch click here

Developed and Executive produced by Jeff Sutphen for Spin Master toy company. SpindoTv.

THE 36 PERCENT is a true crime investigation docu-series created and developed by Stacy Sutphen and Jeff Sutphen, and Executive Produced by Jamie Kennedy Entertainment. Starring Eddie Conner, Chris Barry, and Erica Arkin. Air date TBA.




Created by Stacy Sutphen and Damon Sharpe: Grammy Winning Music Producer. Executive Produced by ELECTUS (Jane The Virgin, Flaked) and Kenny (Babyface) Edmonds. Supervising writer, Matt Shire.

Shot in front of a live audience of neighbors who happen to be walking by during the taping, the Garage show is unlike anything else out there. An original PTH Production.