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Some Of Our Clients

At Part Time Hero Productions, we are proud of the partnerships we have built with our clients. We have had the pleasure of representing some of the leading businesses and individuals in San Francisco and beyond. Below are some examples.


Bahakel Entertainment

Bahakel Communications, Ltd. is an American communications and entertainment company based in Charlotte, North Carolina, that is wholly owned and operated by the Bahakel family. The company was founded by Cy Bahakel in 1953.


The Monica Crowley Podcast

The Monica Crowley Podcast is a whipsmart, fast-paced, sassy blend of politics, culture, history and humor, all brought to you with the sunny optimism of Ronald Reagan’s “Happy Warrior” spirit. Monica Crowley has – uniquely- served two American Presidents: Richard Nixon in his last years as Foreign Policy Assistant, and Donald Trump as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury. A high-profile TV and radio personality, she’s a New York Times bestselling author, popular columnist, and savvy, funny host who delivers one-of-a-kind insights and interviews. The Monica Crowley Podcast is true appointment listening.


Skyhorse Publishing

Skyhorse is distributed by Simon & Schuster in the U.S., Canada, and overseas.



Welcome to Regnery Publishing, the country’s leading publisher of conservative books. Since Henry Regnery founded the company back in 1947, we’ve focused on publishing books that challenge the status quo, books that spark a debate, and books that get people talking about the issues and questions we face as a country.


Ninos Corner

David Nino Rodriguez, a one-time top 10 WBC WBA feared and ferocious undefeated 36-0 heavyweight boxing contender and champion, is the Executive Producer and host of Ninos Corner. This favored podcast pulls no punches and goes straight for the knockout, covering topics from politics to entertainment, and receives 2 million monthly views.

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